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Private Boat Charter

On this private Boat Charter the captain will take you to the beautiful island of Caracoles. He can also take you to Mata La Gata and Cayo Enrique, ask the captain and he will recommend the best spots to spend your day out in the water.

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Bioluminiscent Bay Swimming Tour

Duration: 1.20 hour

The tour starts by cruising along the main channels of La Parguera where you can enjoy viewing some of the beautiful beach houses along the way, then this tour takes you directly to the Bioluminescent Bay where you will be able to swim in the bioluminescent water.
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Glassbottom Kayak Bioluminescent Bay Tour

Don’t let a normal kayak hinder your view! Our 100% clear kayaks are the absolute best way to view the bioluminescent bay in La Parguera! We have the first and only true completely transparent kayak tour that takes you to the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico!

The advantage of paddling in our clear kayaks is that you can also see the glowing directly below you! Paddling in a clear kayak will enhance your bioluminescence viewing experience and make it a memorable one!

The tour starts by sailing at 7:00pm on a very safe boat to the original bioluminescent Bay in La Parguera, along the way you can view some beautiful summer houses along the coast and do some stargazing on clear nights. Once at the bioluminescent Bay and are cleared from other boats, we allow participants to go kayaking on our glassbottom kayaks. Participants are instructed to stay in the safety of the shallow areas of the bay and to use life vest at all times, There will also be time to go in the water and float near the boat so you can see the bioluminescence glowing around your body.
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Glassbottom Kayak Eco-Tour:

“The original glassbottom kayaking experience!”

We are proud to have the original glassbottom kayaking experience! Take a 100% clear kayak guided tour with us today! With our completely clear kayaks you are sure to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with our very knowledgeable and qualified guides.
We take you to see the wonders of the underwater world around the cays of La Parguera and aim to give the best memorable experience possible!

Don’t let a normal kayak hinder your view! Our 100% clear kayaks are the absolute best way to view the surroundings, and take a pretty sweet Instagram or Facebook picture.
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Kayak Rental

Explore on your own or just kick back and relax in one of the many small cays in the area on this Self-Guided Tour. Our kayak rentals allow guests to paddle in a designated area in the safety of the mangrove channels.

La Parguera offers one of the most beautiful places to explore in the Caribbean! Paddle through crystal clear waters and discover beautiful coral reefs, diversity of animals and colorful fish. The small cays in the area also offer great opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and adventure. Our Location is easily accessible via car with plenty of on-site parking and restaurants available.
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Private Activities Catamaran Rental

Come sail along on a glassbottom catamaran and enjoy the most memorable experience in La Parguera! Rent one of or two available glassbottom catamarans with a capacity of up to 149 passengers for a private VIP experience perfect for friends and family, parties or even weddings.
The catamaran sails through a canal with beautiful beach houses and anchors in one of the available cays in the area or docks at Mata la Gata island where you can snorkel, swim enjoy a relaxing time in the water or party

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Water Taxi Service

Prepare to chart your own course of adventure to one of our beautiful cays!
Enjoy our VIP like Water taxi service that takes you to some of the most beautiful cays in the Caribbean. You can choose one of the three islands in La Parguera as your destination for the day, we take you to the island and automatically pick you up when you want to go back at the time of your choosing so you can enjoy the rest of the day!

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Boat Rentals

Enjoy an adventure where you can be the captain of your own boat by renting one of our rental boats with up to 9 more passengers! Our boat rental service is a unique way to make your own adventure and perfect for those that want to take control and captain their own boat, its perfect for families, adventurers, and couples alike.

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Glassbottom Boat Day Tours

Enjoy a closer look at the cays, the beautiful coral reefs and the underwater universe through our catamarans’ glassbottom viewing areas on this sightseeing tour.
Relax in this safe and fun tour for the whole family while you enjoy looking at some of the local houses in the water, variety of sea life, wildlife and birds throughout the trip.

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