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* See crystal-clear water, diverse marine life, and explore the underwater world below your
glassbottom kayak. You’ll paddle along mangroves while enjoying a beautiful scenery filled with
a diversity of wildlife like iguanas, pelicans, manatees and more.
* While paddling, remember to look through your glassbottom kayak to see starfish, coral and
colorful fish below!

Please Note:

* Maximum weight limit per person is 200lbs. (400lbs max per kayak)
* Group must have at least an 18-year-old to attend and sign waivers. Young kids must have at
least a 16-year-old in each kayak. Young children cannot be in a kayak alone.
* No shoes can be worn inside the kayak due to the scratches they cause.
* We will have a dry bag to store your shoes while in the kayak. Your feet will get wet entering
and exiting the kayak.
* No metal objects, bags, or back packs.
* No sunblock or bug spray. You do not need bug spray. There are no bugs here on the water. It
contains chemicals that eat the plastic as well as bug spray that damages the finish and clarity
of the kayaks. It can not be removed or buffed out. We have these rules in place to assure that
our crystal clear kayak will stay that way for all to enjoy.

More Info

* Be at the dock 30 minutes before the reservation starts .
* Kayaks are two seaters. This means two people per kayak. 

What to bring

* Water (preferably in a reusable water bottle)
* Swimsuit/clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet
* Sunglasses/hat
* Shoes that can get wet/sandals
* Towel for after the trip

* Basic instruction for the use of kayaks and paddles.
* Clear Kayak(s) and Paddle(s)
* USCG Approved Life Preserver(s)

* Tips

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