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Glassbottom Boat Day Tours

Enjoy a closer look at the cays, the beautiful coral reefs and the underwater universe through our catamarans’ glassbottom viewing areas on this sightseeing tour.
Relax in this safe and fun tour for the whole family while you enjoy looking at some of the local houses in the water, variety of sea life, wildlife and birds throughout the trip.

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Bioluminescent Bay Tours

The original glassbottom experience!
Sail to the bioluminescent bay in La Parguera in the original glassbottom catamaran.

The tour starts by heading out 20 minutes to the original bioluminescent bay on one of our safe and spacious catamarans, on the way you can see some of the beautiful beach houses along the coast while also being able to do some stargazing on clear nights. Once you have arrived at the bay there will be a brief explanation of what causes the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, afterwards you will get to see the dinoflagellates light up around the boat and under the boat through the many glass bottom viewing areas. The tour takes a total of around 45- 50 minutes.

You can only find this experience in the original Bioluminescent Bay of La Parguera. So book the perfect adventure and bring your friends to enjoy a unique experience!

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